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About Pixelbulb - Internet Marketing and Custom Web Design

Why we’re here

Pixelbulb was started with one goal in mind. To leverage online technologies to help small businesses grow. We’re here to help and will be there every step of the way.

We believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. Entrepreneurs in all industries deserve to be found and make sales. We understand that a cohesive web presence is complicated and we’re here to help unlock the puzzle.

Our Story

We started out building websites. It’s what we loved and what got us out of bed in the morning. The longer we did this, the more we realised that a website is no longer a complete answer to growing a small business. Without an internet marketing support system built around the website, it will NEVER gain any traction.

So we evolved and are now a cohesive internet marketing and custom website agency specialising in social media marketing, inbound marketing and WordPress.

Who we are

Brom Sulaiman - Founder

Brom Sulaiman

Brom Sulaiman

Founder of Pixelbulb with over 16 years experience in the industry. Internet marketer and web designer, currently based in Oxfordshire, UK having just returned from an extended (6 years!) stay in Australia.

Brom has worked with many clients from many sectors including leadership development and digital marketing to media and franchising.

Brom also currently works as Development Director for the Leadership Hub, a platform where peer-to-peer, community based learning is used to distribute best leadership practises throughout companies.

Brom is a keen advocate of all things mind, health and wellness. He can often be found in his garage gym cranking out another set of deadlifts, or in the kitchen forcing his long-suffering wife to try one of his latest “healthy” concoctions.

A passionate reader and lifelong learner, Brom is recently certified with the Growth Driven Design and Inbound Marketing methodologies from HubSpot Academy.

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